5 Things Making Me Happy #8

We are another week closer to Christmas and I hope you all have been having a festive and merry time! Have you all been watching lots of Christmas movies?? I would like to say that I have been but I really haven’t. I check the listings everyday to see what’s coming on and have really been disappointed. I mean most of the “newer” Christmas movies are just ridiculous. It seems that the ones that I really like are rarely shown. Boo! Anyway I’ve still been having  a great week and here are a few of the reasons why…. 

1. Our Christmas Card





Back in the days before I had 2 little girls, I always made sure my cards were sent out by December 1, or at least sometime during the first week of December. Last year it just did not happen, we had to send out New Year Cards instead, but we got our act together this year and all of our cards have been sent out, Yay! Also I love how they turned out. I had lofty goals for us all to be in it, but we ended up just taking pics of the girls. :)

2 Instagram 

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.34.39 AM

Who would have thought that Instagram could bring people together, but I have formed several friendships that would have otherwise never  have happened if not for IG! Not to mention I gain inspiration in the food, beauty, and fashion category! Are we Insta friends yet?

3. Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate Mint Tea

This stuff is magical! It is like dessert in a cup! Bonus, whenever I make it the entire house smells amazing. Harney & Sons has several other varieties I want to try as well.

4. This recipe … I kind of have a thing for pasta and this meatless recipe is a perfect way to get all your veggies in! 

 Artichoke Pasta

5. Movie Dates during the week! 

Horrible Bosses 2

My mom came over to watch the girls while Jim and I went to the movies to catch Horrible Bosses 2 before it left our theater. It was hilarious and even better than the first one! Oh and I may have a small crush on Jason Bateman. :)

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What has been making you smile this week?


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