5 Things Making Me Happy #17

Does anyone else feel the shift as we are moving away from summer and a little closer to Fall? Now the temps here in Georgia are definitely no where near Fall like yet but there is something about entering the month of September that feels fresh and new. It has been a fun week for me. I started the week by celebrating my Birthday, the last day of August to be exact. My family did a great job of making me feel extra special. :) I hope all you guys have had a great week as well!

Here are a few things that have been making me smile this week…

I love making cold brew coffee and also trying any cold brew brands that I find in the store. Trader Joe’s cold brew concentrate caught my eye the other day and I picked some up and I am loving it. I do 1 part cold brew, 1 part water, 1 part coconut milk and a little simple syrup. So good.  Also see that Starbucks cold cup in the photo, well I am loving it too! I’ve had my eye on it all summer but did not really want to spend $23 for it, but they marked them down by 30% about a week ago and I grabbed it!

cold brew

Cotton Candy Grapes, I’ve heard about these since last summer I looked everywhere and never could find them. I’m happy to say that last week I found them at Kroger! Yay! They are plump, juicy and they do taste like cotton candy! 

cotton candy grapes


The best ice cream cone ever! Dreamette is an institution in Jacksonville and also one of it’s best kept secrets! When we lived there we did not even know it existed, but it has been around forever. We have been twice now and both times I have gotten a small vanilla cone dipped in birthday cake and guys it blows my mind! I’ve eaten ice cream in alot of different places but this is my favorite! It’s probably a good thing we did not know about this place when we lived there. :)


This song

21 Day Fix

I am in my 3rd week and I am starting to enjoy the workouts. They are forcing me to do other things besides run. I have a love/hate relationship with weights. You will burn so much more fat when you incorporate weights into your workout. I love to just zone out and run, but lift weights and you will see results (assuming you are also eating a healthy diet.) The first week of the Fix I was sore, the second week I felt stronger, and the third week I am seeing results! Awesome experience! 

21 day fix

Let me know what has been making you smile this week!

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starbucks cold brew

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